Press Release Writing

Business Letters

Ad Campaign 

Graphic Design

Media Buying

Marketing & Promotions

Recruitment & Human Resources Assistance

Web Content / Web Copy

Other General Business Services

- Call for Rate Sheet -

Consultation fee:

Consultation meeting: $75.00/hour*

(Charged on credit card or in cash with receipt before any services rendered)

Press Release Writing:

$75.00 per Press Release (English only)

Translation of Press Release:

$75.00 per Press Release (Spanish only)

Distribution of Press Release 

Local Media Outlets*:

$250.00 per Press Release

*Distribution to local main media outlets only

(Local Newspapers and TV News Networks)

Distribution of Press Release to 

National Media Outlets*:

$500.00 per Press Release

*Distribution to national main media outlets
(National Newspapers and TV News Networks)



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